MQuant® Colorimetric & Titrimetric Tests

Visual Rapid Tests & Brilliant Color Scales for Exact Results

  • Easy, fast and direct read-out of color cards, - disks or -vessels
  • Economical refill packs for numerous parameters
  • Fields of applications: wastewater, industrial water, ground water, drinking or bottled water, as well as swimming pool water
  • Compare the different kind of visual tests

MQuant® Colorimetric and Titrimetric Test Systems for Various Testing Scenarios

color disk comparator

Color-disk Comparator
• High to medium concentrations
  as well as turbid solutions.
• All reagents and the color
  comparator disk are contained
  in the kit.
• These tests evaluate the color
  reaction based on the transmitted
  light method, so even turbid and
  lightly colored water samples
  can be analyzed without further

Application areas:
• Wastewater
• Industrial water
• Groundwater
• Bottled water
• Boiler water
• Swimming pool water
• Industrial applications

titrimetric and colorimetric methods

Titrimetric and Colorimetric Methods
• Medium concentrations can be
  measured by titrimetric or
  colorimetric tests.
  Evaluation using color cards
  or test vessels.

Titrimetric test:
• The sample is titrated until
  its color changes. The number
  of drops consumed to the turning
  point are counted, or the scale
  value is read from a pipette to
  determine the concentration of
  the tested parameter.

Colorimetric test:
• Reagents are added to the sample,
  resulting in a color reaction.
• The concentration is determined by
  matching the color to a value on a
  reference scale.

Application areas:
• Aquaculture for freshwater and
• Surface water
• Swimming pool water
• School lessons

color-card comparator

Color-card Comparator
• Very low to medium
• The c greater layer thickness and
  special construction of the
  comparator ensure high
  measurement sensitivity, even at
  very low concentrations
  (ppb range).
• The reaction color of the sample is
  compared to the blank sample
  tinted by the color cards to
  determine the concentration.
  The brilliant print and fine
  color graduation enable precise

Application areas:
• Drinking water
• Bottled water
• Boiler water
• Cooling water
• Industrial applications

Take Your Laboratory to Your Sample

mcolortest compact lab caseThe compact laboratory suitcase for water analysis with visual tests and accessories allows for the quick and precise measurement of all major parameters for water analysis on the spot; like pH, ammonium, biological oxygen demand (BOD), carbonate, total or residual hardness, nitrate, phosphate and oxygen.

Economical refill packs and accessories, such as flat-bottom tubes or test vessels, allow you to manage your costs.