New Certified Reference Materials for Refractive Index and Density

Matthias Nold  Global Product Manager Reference Materials

As part of our comprehensive offering of Reference Materials for Physical Property Testing, we are proud to offer products from Paragon Scientific, a recognized expert in Certified Reference Materials. Paragon Scientific is UKAS accredited for ISO/IEC 17025 and recently updated its ISO Guide 34 accreditation to the new standard ISO 17034:2016 (general requirements for the competence of reference material producers).

The portfolio of Paragon Scientific products, which contains reference materials for a large variety of physical properties such as viscosity, density, cloud point, pour point, flash point, freezing point and many more, can be viewed and easily ordered at

Recently a range of Multi-Parameter Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for refractive index and density measurements has been launched (see Table 1). The combined Refractive Index and Density CRM is available in four different materials, with each material including certified data for both refractive index and density at 15 °C, 20 °C and 25 °C.

These products provide traceability of measurement to recognized national standards, and to units of measurement realized at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) or other recognized national standards laboratories. Both density values and refractive index values are traceable to National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST). Additional product features include:

  • Density certified in accordance with primary level ASTM D1480 methodology
  • Ensures full compliance to ASTM and IP test method protocols
  • Low levels of uncertainty, ensuring maximum accuracy of data and dependable results
  • Supplied in 30 mL volume sealed glass vials for ample measurement readings


Table 1. Multi-Parameter Refractive Index & Density Certified Reference Material, at 15 °C, 20 °C and 25 °C

Nominal RI Value at 20 °C Qty. Cat.No.
1,333 30 mL PSRVD01
1,4217 30 mL PSRVD02
1,5463 30 mL PSRVD03
1,6579 30 mL PSRVD04

We also offer Refractive Index Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) solely for refractive index calibration and verification. These products are manufactured by Paragon Scientific, too, and are ideal for the verification and calibration of temperature controlled refractometers, with each CRM offering certified values for Refractive Index measurements at 20 °C,
25 °C and 30 °C. Additional features are:

  • All measurements are fully traceable to NIST and international protocols
  • Low levels of uncertainty, ensuring maximum accuracy of data at hand and dependable results
  • Available in single 10 mL volume tamper-evident glass bottles or as a multi-pack of 5 per material (includes set of disposable pipettes)


Table 2. Refractive Index Certified Reference Materials at 20 °C, 25 °C and 30 °C, in Tamper-Evident Glass Vials

Nominal RI Value at 25 °C Qty. Cat. No.
1,3325 10 mL PSRI01
1,3325 5 x 10 mL PSRI01K
1,3891 10 mL PSRI02
1,3891 5 x 10 mL PSRI02K
1,4023 10 mL PSRI03
1,4023 5 x 10 mL PSRI03K
1,4196 10 mL PSRI04
1,4196 5 x 10 mL PSRI04K
1,4206 10 mL PSRI05
1,4206 5 x 10 mL PSRI05K
1,4573 10 mL PSRI06
1,4573 5 x 10 mL PSRI06K
1,4941 10 mL PSRI07
1,4941 5 x 10 mL PSRI07K
1,5349 10 mL PSRI08
1,5349 5 x 10 mL PSRI08K
1,544 10 mL PSRI09
1,544 5 x 10 mL PSRI09K
1,6556 10 mL PSRI10
1,6556 5 x 10 mL PSRI10K


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