New Phytochemical Standards from HWI Pharma Solutions

Matthias Nold Product Manager, Reference Materials

HWI-Pharma SolutionsWe are proud to be an exclusive distributor of the reference standards manufactured by HWI-Pharma Solutions in Rülzheim (Germany).1 Since the launch of the first series of products in January 2011, the product range has been continuously expanded and currently consists of more than 120 products.

The quantitative value is determined by quantitative NMR (qNMR).2 This is a direct relative method, which is increasingly used for the quantification of organic compounds, as an alternative to the much more laborious mass balance approach. The certificate delivered with these products also contains a chromatographic purity value.

Recently, several new products have been added to the portfolio (see Materials below). A complete listing can be found online at



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