Proficiency Testing: A New Critical Tool for Assessing Performance

Nick Hauser  Global Product Manager Reference Materials

We are pleased to introduce our new proficiency testing (PT) data entry portal. The new portal has been streamlined and will offer superior speed, ease of use, and data handling. We have been committed to updating and providing a user interface that is efficient, simple, and meets the evolving needs of the end user. The result is our new data entry portal which is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use.

Some of the features of the new PT portal:

  • One-click design that is easy to navigate, even for first time users
  • All open studies prominently displayed on the home screen
  • Easily add new personnel/analysts to your lab
  • Add accreditors and enter data all on a single page
  • Easily copy down method/analyst/analysis date to all analytes in a sample
  • Data is actively saved as you report
  • A confirmation screen that shows exactly what you have entered and will be submitted for evaluation
  • Methods saved as default along with the option to add in-house methods
  • Calendar which will have open and close dates for studies in which customers are enrolled
  • A newly designed Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Automated email reminders sent to customers 7 days before study closes
  • Option to send results to a third party (i.e., Corporate QA Manager)
  • Accreditors will be able to log in and download results at any time
  • Expand/collapse items on the data entry page for quick loading times

Data tracking and analysis using MyTrends and MyStats

All study data that was previously entered into the former PT portal has been transferred over to the new system. If you are a new user to the updated portal, you also have the ability to import your historical data in order to perform data trending regardless of your previous PT provider. The addition of graphs to reports also provides a new enhancement for all data processing needs.

Training on the new portal

A webinar has been offered to demonstrate the new portal and field any questions that you might have. If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the webinar, a copy has been posted in the FAQ section of the PT Portal login page to view at your convenience. For access to the PT portal pages please refer to the link under Related Links.

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