Live Cell Imaging and Microscopy with the CellASIC® ONIX2 System

Precision control of your cell culture environment. The CellASIC® ONIX2 microfluidic system incorporates extraordinary improvements to traditional dynamic live cell analysis and experimentation, using microfluidics technology and computer automation.

  • Manipulate the culture environment (gas, temperature, media components, flow) under controlled conditions
  • Monitor the cells as they react in real time
  • System works with your existing microscope and capture/analysis software

See how scientists at the Suel Lab in San Diego, California are using the CellASIC® ONIX System to make strides in bacterial biofilms research.

Components of the CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic System

Controller System: Small footprint, integrated microincubator controller maintains fluid movement, reagent additions, temperature, and gas conditions.

Microfluidic Plates: Application-specific plates (bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells, and more) for automated, perfusion culture, designed to optimize cell health during dynamic live cell imaging

Manifold: Low-profile, high quality, high optical clarity culture chambers and manifold, mount easily on an inverted microscope-without the need for a bulky environmental chamber.

Software: Intuitive software enables quick and easy set-up of detailed protocols for truly automated hands-free cell culture.

Key Advantages of CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic Plates

  • Rapid perturbations of environmental parameters due to the tiny microfluidic volumes involved
  • Perfusion microbarriers allow continuous reagent transport without shearing stress
  • High resolution imaging through optical glass bottom and chamber structures that keep cells in a single focal plane
  • Ability to run multiple independent experiments simultaneously
  • Continuous access of nutrients and ongoing removal of waste during live cell imaging, promoting optimal cell health
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CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic System
  • ONIX2 Filter Multiconnector
  • ONIX2 Software USB Drive
  • ONIX2 Replacement Filter Pack
  • ONIX2 Accessory Fittings
  • ONIX2 Self Check Plate
  • ONIX2 Cleaning Plate
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Product No. CellASIC® Microfluidic Plates
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Y04C-02-5PK CellASIC® ONIX plate for haploid yeast cells 5
Y04D-02-5PK CellASIC® ONIX plate for diploid yeast cells 5
B04A-03-5PK CellASIC® ONIX plate for bacteria cells 5
M04S-03-5PK CellASIC® ONIX switching plate for mammalian cells 5
M04G-02-5PK CellASIC ONIX gradient plate for mammalian cells (4 chamber) 5
M04L-03-5PK CellASIC ONIX open-top plate for mammalian cells (4 chamber)   5