Flow Cytometry Instruments

Choose the flow cytometry instrument that best fits your lab

Turn complexity into clarity by choosing the ideal flow cytometry platform for your lab, your budget, and your experimental design. Quickly get meaningful results from our cytometry platforms that combine simplified sample preparation with powerful data analysis. Select from the intuitive Guava® easyCyte benchtop flow cytometers, the compact Muse® personal cell analyzer, and the enabling Amnis® imaging flow cytometers.

Amnis® Imaging Flow Cytometers (IFC)
Microscopy in flow

• ImageStream®X and FlowSight®
  IFCs combine high-resolution,
  single-cell analysis capabilities of
  microscopy with the statistically
  robust quantitative power of
  flow cytometry
• Boundless research applications,
  including oncology, stem cell
  biology, particle detection
  and oceanography
• Get up to 12 detection parameters
  and see up to 60x magnification

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CellStream™ Benchtop Flow Cytometer
Unparalleled fluorescence sensitivity and flexibility in a compact, affordable system

• Patented time delay integration
  (TDI) sensor and camera
  technology for high
  fluorescence sensitivity
• Detection of small particles,
  including extracellular vesicles
• 1 to 7 lasers provide up to 22
  detection channels
• Standard 96-well plate
• Event Gallery aids sample
  verification and troubleshooting
• Aspect ratio for doublet
• Rapid, on-site upgrades

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Guava® Flow Cytometers
Versatile benchtop flow cytometry

• Configure with up to 3 lasers to
  detect up to 14 parameters
  and particles as small as 0.2 μm
• Intuitive software
• Integrated high-throughput plate
• Microcapillary fluidics design
  eliminates waste carboys and
  sheath fluid

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Muse® Cell Analyzer
Cell-by-cell data at your fingertips

• User-friendly, touchscreen-
  controlled benchtop system
• Get sophisticated cell-by-cell
  data for your essential cell health
  and signaling pathway measures
• Assay reagents are optimized to
  minimize variation and complex
  set-up adjustments

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