Amnis® Imaging Flow Cytometers

Combining microscopy and flow cytometry, Amnis imaging flow cytometry systems provide bright-field, dark-field (SSC), and several fluorescent images of each cell in flow, at high speed. Paired with IDEAS® software for quantitative image analysis and population statistics, the technology gives you the ability to address complex biology that traditional flow cytometers can't resolve. Not only do the instruments reveal spatial localization of biomolecules and cellular components, but they also report signal intensity with very high sensitivity.

Choose from two imaging flow cytometry platforms: the FlowSight® Imaging Flow Cytometer and the ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer. Our Cellular Specialists can best guide you to choosing the instrument that fits your needs.

Amnis Imaging Flow Cytometers provide images of every
cell in flow.

Amnis Imaging Flow Cytometers provide images of every cell in flow

Applications of Amnis Imaging Flow Cytometers

Applications of Amnis Imaging Flow Cytometers

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Applications of Imaging Flow Cytometry

Unlike traditional flow cytometers, which are limited to dot plots or histograms of signal intensity and are often limited by less sensitive fluorescence detection, Amnis instruments provide sensitivity, visual confirmation, detection of rare events, and novel applications, such as quantitative analysis of internalization, colocalization, cell-cell interactions, and others (shown above). The opportunities are boundless.

Amnis Instrument Comparison Table

Instrument Specifications FlowSight® System ImageStream®X Mark II System
Summary Compact, high-sensitivity, multi-color imaging flow cytometer. Produces multiple images per cell for qualitative and quantitative, statistically robust image-based data. High-resolution microscope for suspended cells. produces detailed brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescence imagery for a wide range of quantitative, statistically robust image-based assays.
Magnification 20X Fixed 60X / 40X / 20X
Pixel area 1.0 square microns 0.1 / 0.25 / 1.0 square microns
No. of Channels 12 6 or 12 high resolution
Max Field of View Width 64 microns 128 microns
Quantitative Image Analysis Standard Standard
Brightfield Illumination 10 Channels 10 Channels
488 nm Excitation Laser 60 mW 200 mW Standard, 400 mW Optional
Laser Power Doubler Standard Standard
375 nm Excitation Laser - 70 mW
405 nm Excitation Laser 100 mW 120 mW
561 nm Excitation Laser 50 mW 200 mW
592 nm Excitation Laser - 300 mW
642 nm Excitation Laser 100 mW 150 mW
730 nm Excitation Laser - 50 mW
785 nm Side Scatter Laser 70 mW 70 mW
Sample format microcentrifuge tube microcentrifuge tube
AutoSampler Optional Optional
Extended Depth of Field - Optional
Sensitivity 10 MESF 5 MESF