CellStream™ Flow Cytometers

Advance your cell and particle analysis with the new CellStream™ benchtop flow cytometry system, featuring Amnis® detection technology. This highly sensitive and fully customizable 7-laser capacity system provides unparalleled performance and flexibility to meet your evolving research needs.

Advantages of CellStream™ Flow Cytometry

The CellStream™ flow cytometer is designed with a camera-enabled detection system that rapidly captures low resolution cell images and converts these into high-throughput intensity data with enhanced fluorescence sensitivity. The optical detection system is based on the same patented technology unique to our Amnis® flow cytometers. The CellStream™ system can be used for traditional flow cytometry applications, or for cutting-edge, high-parameter data generation and analysis.

Unique Capabilities & Benefits of the CellStream™ Flow Cytometry System:

  • Patented time delay integration (TDI) sensor and camera technology for high fluorescence sensitivity (MESF <10 for FITC; MESF <5 for PE)
  • 1 to 7 lasers provide up to 22 detection channels
  • Detection of small particles, including extracellular vesicles
  • Standard AutoSampler for 96-well plates
  • Event Gallery aids sample verification and troubleshooting
  • Aspect ratio for doublet discrimination
  • Rapid on-site upgrade

What laser configuration is best suited to your lab, your budget, and your research needs?

CellStream™ Flow Cytometer

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Brochure: NEW CellStream™ Benchtop flow cytometry system with Amnis® detection technology inside.


Application Note: Immunophenotyping Extracellular Vesicles Using CellStream™ flow cytometer

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