Sodium Aluminium Hydride for Energy Applications

The Aldrich Materials Science Team congratulates Dr. Ragaiy Zidan from Savannah River National Laboratory on receiving a U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen Program Team Award for the development of novel electrochemical methods for the regeneration of aluminum hydride (alane, AlH3).1

NaAlH4 structure

NaAlH4 Chemical Structure


Dr. Zidan’s method2 uses a specifically formulated solution of NaAlH4 in tetrahydrofuran (Product No. 698865),3,4 developed by Aldrich Materials Science for use as the hydride source and electrolyte in the preparation of AlH3 by electrolysis as show in Equations 1 and 2.2



Aluminum hydride (AlH3) has a high hydrogen content of 10 wt.% and a hydrogen release temperature of ~100°C, and is a primary hydrogen source for fuel cells used in portable electronics and transportation. 5

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