Active Particle Counting for the Food & Beverage Industry: the APC ErgoTouch Hand-Held Particle Counter

The hygiene standard in a food and beverage production environment is directly linked to the microbiological safety of the finished products. Make sure that your active microbial air sampling solutions generate precise, reliable and reproducible results. Our easy-to-use monitoring systems fully comply with international standards and regulations.

The APC ErgoTouch – a New Dimension in Hand-held Particle Counting

Active particle counting is a critical component of high risk food production programs. Particle counter data is needed to quantify potential contaminants in the air and to determine the quality of air in controlled environments, such as those found in sensitive food industries.

The APC ErgoTouch Pro 2 is a highly economical solution with many features only found in high specification instruments. It is suitable for indoor air quality assessment, filter testing, clearance testing, quality assurance and contamination migration studies.

Available with a full range of accessories to suit your needs.